Acquisitions & Partnerships

We are actively looking for single and multi-residential properties in Santa Cruz County from Aptos to Scotts Valley. Julie & I have done a number of remodels and are not afraid to get covered in sawdust for the right deal. If you’ve got a great lead, reach out!

We started with a goal of acquiring a million in real estate, then having a million in equity. Today we are focused with growing our holdings to a million in cash-flow.

Two of our properties have been acquired as partnerships, and as we grow into larger properties, we look forward to sharing the adventure. As the economic climate is heating up locally, we are beginning to expand our acquisition strategy and look beyond the borders of Santa Cruz County.

Looking to get into real estate investing and want to get some advice? I’d be happy to have coffee, share my story and help you figure out a plan. If you’ve got years of experience, then definitely let me buy you lunch so I can pick your brain as I am actively on the hunt for a mentor.